Have you ever experienced a moment in life when a situation knocked the wind out of your lungs and made it difficult to catch your breath?


It could have been the separation of a relationship, termination of a position, loss of a loved one, etcetera, etcetera… but whatever it was, you still have haunting memories of that moment.


The writers of “Dear Young Woman: Readjust Your Crown” have bonded because of their similar afflictions and banded together to boldly share how their lives were once rocked by issues that shifted their stance and changed their perspectives.


The incident caused them to briefly step back, but most importantly, it strengthened them to speak up.


Within these pages, the authors explain how they dusted themselves off, picked up their heads, and readjusted their crowns.


This book is for any Queen who has experienced a trial that caused them to lose sight of their worth.


It will not only empower but will also remind you that you are a Queen regardless of the issues that arise in life.


Their stories were compiled to encourage you to rise up from a pit of despair, reclaim your throne, and take your power back!


In my chapter, I discuss how someone I thought I would potentially marry turned out to be a fraud, with a family stashed away...

Dear Young Woman: Readjust Your Crown