Have you ever thought that you had your life figured out?

Then suddenly, a series of life's events pulled the rug from beneath your feet, and you found yourself face down on the floor asking God, "Why did this happen to me?"


We've all been gut-punched by the trials of life and have faced situations that made us question our decision-making processes. Unfortunately, many of us have made the same mistake: creating a course or path of success without consulting our Creator. The book of Isaiah reminds us that God's ways are not like our ways and His thoughts are much higher than ours. The contributing authors of this book have learned that scripture the hard way, but all have gained a greater level of wisdom that has allowed them to soar beyond their expectations. The testimonies shared within the pages of this book may make you laugh, cry, or possibly sigh. Still, one thing is for sure, these stories will help mend your broken spirit and encourage your heart to know that even if your plan didn't go as expected, God is still present, and His plans to prosper you will bless you beyond your imagination.

Dear Young Woman 3: His Purpose is Greater Than Your Plan