Life can present a series of events that can lead us down a path that ends in discouragement, delay, and even destruction.


Our relationship with God sustains us when we reach our threshold limit at various stages in our journey. We have two choices when faced with difficult times; dig deep and continue to pursue or turn back to what is familiar. The choice we make has the power to alter the course of our destiny for life.


Perhaps you’re going in circles trying to figure it all out, with no end in sight. You’re stuck, and you’re stagnant, and you have yet to master the principles of God’s Word that will revolutionize your life and cause you to walk in the power and authority God has already granted you.


Consider this your wake-up call. With tons of inspiration on every page, Change Agent: The Missing Piece will challenge you to rise up, take hold of your gift and realize that you have the power to encourage yourself by speaking positive affirmations, studying the Word of God, and believing that what God says about you is true.


Change Agent: The Missing Piece is a 30-day devotional that chronicles my choice to use the power and principles of God’s Word to encourage and inspire myself during the darkest times in my life.


Each day is a personal story along with a scripture, a thought to ponder, a positive affirmation, and an activity.


It will encourage you by showing you that you are never alone and that when you apply the principles of God’s Word, you will begin to see changes manifest in your life, as I did in mine.

Change AGENT: The Missing Piece