Your Past Doesn't Dictate Your Future...

In 2009 I was a full-time college student and single mom. I couldn’t get a typical 9-5 due to my school schedule.

I didn’t want to drop out of college again (I had already dropped out twice before). “They” said a college degree was the key to securing a stable career and income. So I needed to stick with it.

The only job that had compassion for me was a local pizza company.

I hated that job!!!

I was always nervous because I had to drive around strange neighborhoods late at night.

I remember praying for God’s protection during every shift.

While driving and praying, I had a chance to talk to God about life and the purpose He had for me.

I knew I was called to do more than deliver pizzas, but I didn’t know how to obtain “more.”

During those car rides, He reminded me of His promises for my life, BUT He also showed me how I wasn’t participating with His plans.

You see, I did what “they” said I should do, but I never considered what He said. I didn’t even ask!

I just did what I needed to do just to get the bills paid.

God had already given me a plan to start my own business, but I was afraid to step out.

A paycheck was a for sure check.

So I ignored His instructions and did what was familiar, which is why I found myself delivering pizzas in the first place.

We often blame our circumstances, but if we’d be honest, we would have to admit that the main problem is US.

We stand in our own way then have the nerve to get mad when things don’t go our way.

Eventually, I jumped and starting running after Him and the things He instructed me to do.

Now 10 years later, I’m a serial entrepreneur who has built a 6 figure business from the ground up.

I just want to encourage you to JUMP.

STOP sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else play the game.

STOP doubting your ideas while folk who aren’t half as anointed as you are out here killing it.

For the love of God, STOP blaming your circumstances as a reason why you aren’t as successful as you want to be.

In this season, I’ve been called to push people to profit while walking in their purpose.

I’m here to help others give birth to the businesses they’ve been carrying.

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I want to hear about your business ideas and explain how I can help.

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