Alandria is a serial entrepreneur who's also known as the Change Agent Ambassador. She teaches women how to become the change they want to see by helping them arise from a pit of pain and walk boldly in their God-given purpose. Alandria provides them the necessary tools to redefine themselves and live their best lives.

Author | Life Coach | Business Owner


Have you ever wondered how God could take your painful experiences and turn them into something beautiful? 


In “I’m Coming Out: Overcoming What Tried To Overtake Me”, Alandria explores the raw realities of navigating through life’s most devastating moments. From grieving the loss of children, enduring the shame of sexual abuse, and journeying through the highs and lows of self-identification-- Alandria lays her story bare for others to glean from.

With unbridled vulnerability, unapologetic candidness, and biblical insight, Alandria’s words will help you:

  • Detox your emotions to create space for healthy relationships.

  • Embrace the painful experiences of your life as catalysts to propel you into your God-given destiny.

  • Overcome the wounds from your personal life experiences to walk in the wholeness that God intends for you.

This book is a reminder that our experiences through the fire don’t have to leave us shattered or broken forever – but with God’s grace, we can experience wholeness and recovery in a tangible way. 



Alandria is such a blessing to others. She is committed and dedicated to each and every client. She's a great listener, warm, and compelling. God took her story to help others. Therefore, she can relate to different circumstances.--Jaleesa M

Alandria is such a blessing. She helped me in so many different ways. I also loved the conversation we had and the fact she prayed for my family and I, spoke volumes of the type of person she is.-- Latoya W

Alandria is such a blessing! She’s a great listener & woman of God. When we talked we shared some of the same stories & her advice was right on point! I’ve never met her personally but it’s like I’d known her for years how our conversations clicked. Powerful words! And I would definitely recommend everyone to follow her & everything she has going on! It’s amazing & helped me a whole lot.-- Kellie D